Gospelkombinat Nordost

Gospelkombinat Nordost

Der Gospelchor aus Greifswald

Actually one should have heard us

...but a visit here is a good start. Whoever wants to know more about the choir, establish a contact to us or doesn't want to miss the next concert, this is the place to be

Konzert am 09.09.2023 in Bentwisch

Konzertreise 2023: Norddeutschland

Neujahrskonzert am 15.01.2023 in der Johanneskirche

About us

About the Gospelkombinat

The choir, back then without a name, was founded in March of 2005 at the theological faculty of the University of...

Where did we get our name from?

The term "Kombinat" is possibly historically charged but in our case it has nothing to do with the Kombinat known from...

Joining the Gospelkombinat

If you wish to join in the Gospelkombinat Nordost, please contact our choir leader. Reading music, singing at sight...

The Choir Director

Nicole Chibici-Revneanu, born in 1975 in Graz (Austira), gathered a lot of musical knowledge

Address and practice room

Gospelkombinat Nordost
Bugenhagenstraße 4
17489 Greifswald

Practice time

Monday, 8 – 10 pm

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