If you wish to join in the Gospelkombinat Nordost, please contact our choir leader. Reading music, singing at sight and so on are not at all conditions of admission.

It is important that you enjoy music and are willing to attend rehearsals on a regular basis. You do not have to audition.

However, you should know the following: The choir is “open” for three month. After that it will be “closed” again. Usually also for three months or for a bigger project (i.e., in this particular time it is not possible to join in.) This is due to the fact that after a certain time of “renewal”, we want to continue working with a stable choir. Moreover, a balance of men and women is important. That means: If less than one third of the choir ae tenor or bass, the “politics of a male ticket” is applied; meaning a woman will only be admitted to the choir if she brings a man along (sometimes it is enough if two women bring one man along). Sometimes the “tickets” stay longer than the ladies...

We are a choir with a certain repertoire – meaning, whoever joins in, should be aware that the first couple of rehearsals or the rehearsals directly before a concert will be quite challenging. But: no one has failed in learning the songs. If needed, extra rehearsals for particular voices can be hold and we also like to repeat the songs together. But now you are warned... :-D