Nicole Chibici-Revneanu, born in 1975 in Graz (Austira), gathered a lot of musical knowledge (lessons in recorder, transverse flute, piano, organ and guitar, a little music theory and composition and singing lessons for quite some time) and acquired the taste of gospel in the Graz youth choir “Immanuel”. In 1993, she founded a little ensemble with some friends of hers and tried herself as choir director for the first time. When the choir director of the “Immanuel” choir quitted, she took the lead together with another member.

This was the beginning; from this time one, Nicole’s course of education can be drawn with the help of a trace of gospel choirs: “Grace Canyon” in Vienna has, among other things, gave the first performance of the "Grace Canyon Gospel Mass", the gospel project “Noah’s Ark” in Leipzig (also among other things, of course ...), the gospel cantata “Noah’s Ark”. After taking some time off, where Nicole did not direct any choir but was part of different ensembles (Kitago Voices in Leipzig, university choir in Greifswald) and picked up a couple of nice pieces, she founded the "Gospelkombinat Nordost" in 2005 in Greifswald.

Apart from “gospelling”, Nicole is pastor of the parish Groß Bisdorf near Greifswald.