The term "Kombinat" is possibly historically charged but in our case it has nothing to do with the Kombinat known from socialist times.

The choir did not have a name yet when on the way to the first concert in June of 2005 on Rügen Island. When passing Rambin, we saw a red sign reading "Fischkombinat", to which we owe our name.

It took quite some time until we dared to actually use the name in public. By now we do it because we know that the wish to work on something together can be found in the parish as well as in the Kombinat.

Capturing this photo is almost as legendary as the story of our name: on the way back from a concert in the Dankeskirche in Sehlen on Rügen Island on 29/8/2010, it was spontaneously decided to take a photo at the historical site of the naming, despite the pouring rain.