The cantata is an ancient form of music by which a story may be told in a convenient manner. Different kind of songs follow one another and complement each other to form something whole. Recitatives, that contain much text (i.e. from the Bible) and spare musical composition; aria, duets and other solo tracks, that give certain persons from the story a voice; and of course choir tracks that  enclose, deepen and shape the perception of the composition.

Actually we are a live-choir: As soon as we have a congregation or an audience in front of us, things work out three times better ... However, from time to time we were approached by our guests after one of our live acts that asked for a sound carrier. One day we made up our minds: We make a record on CD!

Address and practice room

Gospelkombinat Nordost
Bugenhagenstraße 4
17489 Greifswald

Practice time

Monday, 8 – 10 pm

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