The cantata is an ancient form of music by which a story may be told in a convenient manner. Different kind of songs follow one another and complement each other to form something whole. Recitatives, that contain much text (i.e. from the Bible) and spare musical composition; aria, duets and other solo tracks, that give certain persons from the story a voice; and of course choir tracks that  enclose, deepen and shape the perception of the composition.

This form of music can also be filled with Gospels - and this is what we tried. Robert C. Kahlert from Texas, a former study college of our choir leader wrote the lyrics, Nicole set them to music and composed a piano arrangement with Justus. The choir had its share during the time of writing and rehearsal.

The biblical story from Mathew 17 is being told, in which Jesus is being transfigured for a short time and which gives a brief glimpse of the time after his resurrection. The experience of the disciples of Jesus, their questions and doubts and the answers they receive is being narrated by the cantata "The transfiguration".

Lyrics and german translation