"Psalms & prayers" is a quite personal program. The psalm texts that were set to music have been chosen by members of the choir - texts that touch their hearts because of various reasons.

Some choir members even arranged the music to the texts fully on their own. A variety of sensations awaits the listener.

The biblical book of Psalms consists of 150 ancient songs and prayers - a wide spectrum of prayers that are brought towards the Lord that express joy and affliction, grief and hope, aggression and resignation, the beauty of creation and the weight of ageing, helplessness and comfort.

Two psalms have ever since been in our repertoire, essentially giving us the idea for "psalms & prayers": Psalm 8 composed by the american song-writer Tom Fettke and Psalm 121, composed as baptism psalm for the choir leaders first-born son. Now, having more than 30 psalms set to music in our program, we notice that the songs provoke a manifold of reactions in our guests and the congregations, but in particular within the choir.

The encouragement that originates the ancient (and most often bulky) words touches the listeners even today.