11 – 15 August 2015

The wardrobe ironed, the notes put in order, psalms learned by heart. A spirit of departure is felt throughout the choir. The summer is closing in, and with it a certitude that soon we will walk in the footsteps of Pippi and Emil. After having travelled to Romania and Austria the past two years, we direct our travel gear toward the North - Sweden is calling!

Poster SchwedenWhoever hopes for a concert from us between August 7 and 16 should direct his attention beyong the Baltic sea. The Gospelkombinat North-East explores the South-West of Sweden. We will be guests of the commune of Munkedal and host concerts on five different locations. All of this time, we will move within the historic province of Bohuslän. This is the place, where the swedish writer Thomas Thorild was born, who was later exiled to Greifswald and who was finally buried in Neuenkirchen near Greifswald.

For this trip, we packed something special in our luggage. Within the concerts, we will try a new format: Gospelkombinat à la carte. The idea is that the second half of a concert contains a part, in which the audience may choose the songs from a menu. Here, already sung songs are grouped with the choosable songs in various categories. Depending on its mood, the audience may choose, for example, a ballad or maybe a song in which one can sing along.

Vi ses i Sverige - Lets meet in Sweden!